Accelerate document processing to drive intelligent outcomes

Recognic.AI is a secure API product with a bundled suite of pre-trained models on the cloud, designed to automate the document processing lifecycle for an enterprise.

who we are

We are experiential innovators, improvers and technologists.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of computer vision and designing practical business solutions that boost profitability

Business impact created

Companies both large and small, in every part of the world are using Recognic.AI to streamline business workflows & reduce operational costs as they scale.

Financial Services & Insurance

Onboarding, lending, claims, invoice, video, fraud detection

Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences

Patient Onboarding, imaging, pathology report analysis

Travel, Transportation & Logistics

Warehouse monitoring, analysis, invoice processing

Public sector

Digital social safety nets, fraud prevention, claim settlements, direct benefit transfers

30% increase in throughput for insurance applications

Our API's helped organizations achieve an increase in the volume of applications processed within the same timeframe

60x faster processing of KYC documents

Quicker processing of supporting documents on customer applications led to a higher onboarding volume per quarter

Trusted by enterprises at scale

Less effort, more efficiency

Our intelligent models are capable of extracting data from low-quality images and forms with proven accuracy levels.


API calls processed


Organisations onboarded


Regions covered


Document types supported

our APIs

No matter your business need, our products are flexible to integrate effortlessly with your as-is business process.

  • Document AI

    Leverage our pre-trained models to process millions of documents in a few hours.

  • Image AI

    Process images of varying quality related to personal identification and financial documentation in real-time and extract relevant information

  • Video AI

    Leverage our APIs for facial recognition and liveliness checks to serve intuitive use-cases like V-CIP as per regulatory requirements

Enterprise ready security

Recognic is committed to staying compliant and providing you all the features needed for your organisation's document processing lifecycle from ingestion to archival.

  • Secured via Google APIGEE on cloud

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • Regulatory Compliant

  • Zero Downtime & auto scaling infrastructure

  • Privacy & Localised Data Residency

It’s simpler than you think

Recognic identifies, understands and validates the information
in documents, images and videos

  1. Read and Identify
  2. Enhance
  3. Classify
  4. Extract
  5. Analyze

Read and Identify

Recognic.AI learns to read & Identify the layout & data points of a document by performing OCR on hundreds of thousands of document samples fed to the system


It uniquely identifies the document type & trains the system to classify the document to a specific category


The AI system uses pre-processing capabilities to fix the issues with a low quality image/document to make it extraction ready


Recognic.AI uses Google’s vision API to read & extract data from documents, which further helps in deriving structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to business apps and users in industry standard formats like JSON, XML & CSV etc


An analytics dashboard which can help streamline document processing workflows, by tracking success metrics & measuring latency of the documents processed with in-depth reports and visualisations

Explore how our clients are taming mammoth amounts of unstructured content

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